The New York Times — Content Refresh

During my New York Times internship, I was on the mobile apps team. For the 10 weeks I was there I was able to leverage competitive audits and reasoned that iOs and android should be more similar than different, designed the loading animation and front splash screen for the NYTimes app, led and launched a 3D interactive puzzle game that was later flushed out for beta testing, and some other NDA stuff that we can talk about in private 😌.

Content Refresh is one of the projects I was able to launch while I was working at the New York Times. I was the main designer on the team with one other engineer.

Almost like you're reading the newspaper

We were looking to get rid of the previous design of the timestamp which was placed at the top of the feed. It was inconvenient as a user because it gave the users the wrong impression on how they were receiving the most recent news.

Using Principle and Figma, I mocked up an animation where we could get rid of the previously existing time bar and introduce that to the splash screen itself. This would also allow the app to update while the animation loads. I wanted to abstract the idea of opening up a newspaper and tie it to the idea of opening the app itself.


When users are fetching new data they will be met with a pill-shaped loader at the top of the screen. Previously users received zero confirmation on whether or not their app was updating with the latest news.