Posters & Graphics

Visual design work that I've done over the course of my time as a student/freelancer. Poster design, typographic work, and illustration work done either for classes, projects, non-profits, for fun, etc.

Posters for Newly Formed 2019. Exhibited in Alphabet and Interface: Experiments in Poster Design.

Snippets from my 'Upside Down America' film made in 2017.

Korea Bojagi Forum

Produced Korea Textile Forum’s brand identity, poster, and exhibition for its triennial exhibition in Seoul, Korea. Designed the brochure, catalog, and poster for KBF’s participation in the 23rd European Patchwork Meeting in 2017.

Voter Empowerment Project

During this Covid-19 season, I decided that it would be resourceful of my time to volunteer my design skills for public good. I designed infographics using the captions written by my volunteer peers.

I also helped with branding and designing them a logo that would be more succinct with a non-profit.