Ladder is an early stage startup focused on building a career building platform for the next generation.

At Ladder, I'm the sole designer and design everything from product to marketing.

Bringing more branding ✨

At Ladder, our goal is to appeal to the Gen-z generation. To make the brand more appealing I created custom illustrations to elevate the product. Error states, empty states, and onboarding were all opportunities to add more branding.

Invite your friends, get rewarded 🏆

Designed and oversaw the referrals system on Ladder. By inviting friends on Ladder, users were able to claim prizes as well as climb a public leaderboard. Users are also able to send and share pre-written emails and social posts.

Anonymous mode 👻

By letting users enter anonymous mode we were able to relieve the burden of posting and commenting on difficult subjects. Credentials were pulled from the profile and users could select the title that they wanted to post as.

Sharing posts within Ladder 💌

After adding external share functionality we thought it would be nice for users to share posts internally through conversation. Users would share resources and posts that had good information.

Email design 📧

Coded, wrote, and designed the product launches for new features. Did a lot of testing to make sure that emails were appropriate for all screen sizes.

Making marketing a little more 🥵

Our previous marketing collateral lacked the spice that we needed to audience for a gen-z user base. I chose to revamp our marketing collateral and update our templates to appeal to the younger crowd.