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Zumper Redesign

Hey! I'm Arthur a student at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Graphic Design. I am currently a senior looking for product design opportunities. Thanks for checking out my website!

Zumper is a real estate website. For a design challenge, I chose to redesign Zumper's web service.

Product Design, UI/UX

Spring 2019

1 Week


Design Process

I chose to redesign Zumper's website as a redesign challenge. Zumper is a web service that connects property owners/homes-sellers to home-buyers. To understand Zumper's website I deconstructed it down to its five planes: Surface, Skeleton, Structure, Scope, and Strategy. This is a dependency model illustrated in Jesse James Garrett's The Elements of User Experience. By deconstructing these planes, I was able to revise on top of the original design.

✴︎ Surface

✴︎ Skeleton

✴︎ Structure

✴︎ Scope

✴︎ Strategy



Zumper's website is clean and modern. It's simple and attracts a younger audience. The goal of my redesign would be to follow Zumper's surface level design as much as possible.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.36.37 PM

Messaged Homes

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.23.20 AM

Search Results


Zumper's skeleton follows a modular system with the left window being fixed. This space is where the content is curated and accessed. The header is also fixed to the top of the page, which helps users navigate throughout the website. Overall, the skeleton is structurally sound and the typographic hierarchy follows the Zumper's scope.



Zumper's structure is modest and simple. The structure is centered around search results, which makes sense for Zumper's business objectives.

I hope to make changes in the 'Messaged' and 'Search Results' section. These changes would be seamless and integrate with the current structure of the website.


Current Structure


Revised Structure



The website's key features are the search page and the availability option. The intersection of those two allows for the user to find results that are relevant to them.

In order to enhance the experience of finding more relevant search results, I want to provide decision-making tools that would give more clarity.


Website: Key Features


Search for homes

Posting your rental

Checking Availability

Details for Home


Tools for the users

Priority (Out of 5)









Zumper's strategy is to bridge the messiness of connecting home buyers and home sellers and create an easy solution for communication. Zumper eases the process without the user having to find a real estate agent to find them a home. Zumper gives them the tools necessary for a user to find a home relevant to them.

However, despite all that is given there aren't that many options for the user to be selective in the process.


Home Sellers

Home sellers need to find people to fill out the space. Home sellers don't want to use money on advertising so Zumper is a great solution for them.


Home Buyers

Home buyers are looking for living(short term/long term) solutions. Home buyers want the best option possible for them, since this is a place where they're going to live and reside.

Business Objectives

✴︎ Connect home sellers and home buyers together.

✴︎ Find the best options for the user.

✴︎ Ease the process of connecting seller to buyer.

User Objectives

For a buyer

✴︎ Find a place to live for their specific needs.

✴︎ Find the best possible housing solution.

For a seller

✴︎ Sell to buyers a place to rent out or live in.

Problem Statement

Zumper's objective is to connect home-sellers to home-buyers, yet the home-buyer has few tools when it comes to making a selection.

How might we give users more clarity and information in selecting houses?


How might we give users more clarity and information in selecting houses? With this question in mind, I drew out wireframes that would follow the conditions that I previously set from the deconstruction process. The deconstruction process allowed me to narrow down to some ideas that would be seamless and helpful.


The Redesign

For the redesign I came up with two solutions:

1. This would be a housing comparison function, where the user would be able to compare previously saved houses. This would allow the user to see a direct comparison instead of clicking back and forth between the two homes.

2. This would be a list/grid view of all the amenities listed for the home. This function would allow users to quickly favorite and see the amenities that they need. 

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Solution 1

Comparing houses. This would allow users to get a comprehensive understand of the differences between the two homes. This is a feature that doesn't quite exist in the housing tech industry, and I feel that it would be a small tool that helps users in the selection journey.


Redesigned Version

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.36.37 PM


Messaged Copy

Solution 2

List view of amenities. This list view would be integrated into the filtering process, and allow the user to see what they can select from. This solution came from a user testing session where the user put too many specifications for searching. This led to zero results, causing it to be difficult for the user to go back and see what they could sacrifice or cut back on. This option would allow the user to just what is the best possible, quickly and easily.


Redesigned Version

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.23.20 AM



Next Steps

This was a fun exercise that allowed me to do a deep dive into a redesign. It was nice to see how a designer can look at a website from a third person point of view, even though it might already be established. I also realize that this redesign is more of an addition rather than a fix. It would be interesting to user test and see if people would use these tools and if these tools increased communication between the users and the home sellers.

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