Arthur Kim is a product designer who recently graduated from RISD. He has a degree in Graphic Design and is interested in interaction design.

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Skyscraper is a project made during NYT’s Maker Week. It was a redesign of an existing puzzle originally solved in 2D.


Zumper Redesign

Zumper is a real estate website. For a redesign challenge, I deconstructed Zumper down to Garett's dependency model (Surface, Skeleton, Structure, Scope, and Strategy) and enhanced Zumper's business values.



Cress is an app that seeks to help those who are going through addiction. It hopes to use community as a driving force for recovery.


New York Times
Internship 2019

I worked on the app presentation team. Specifically tasked with how content might be refreshed and working on how a user might return to personalized content.



Miscellaneous work that I've done over my graphic design career. Poster design, book design, and other graphic design related content are included in this section.


Unlearning Empathetic Design & its Ramifications

For my thesis, I wrote about how empathy has been colonized and appropriated by designers, and how as designers we can be more responsible in practicing empathy.